About Us

Meet Our Team

At FocusPrep Solutions, our small, yet dynamic team brings together
diverse backgrounds to offer tailored guidance and unwavering commitment
to all students pursuing their testing goals.

Who Are We?

We are a dedicated team of tutors and curriculum developers with a shared passion for supporting students. We believe that educational programs work best when they are personalized for each student, which is why we tailor each session towards the needs of our students in our small classes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip our students with essential study and test-taking skills that extend beyond standardized exams. We strive to create supportive and understanding learning environments that foster personal growth, enabling students to succeed not only in test prep but also in college and beyond.

Our Leadership

FocusPrep Solutions was born from a vision of supporting diverse groups of students in their test prep journeys.

George Guckenberger

Founder, Curriculum Developer
George achieved a top 1% score on the ACT and attended SMU as a President's Scholar on a full-ride scholarship worth over $300k. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors in the Liberal Arts and degrees in both Physics and Chemistry. In addition to leading FocusPrep Solutions he is pursuing his Master's through The University of Texas at Austin's school of Educational Psychology. Although FocusPrep Solutions works with all kinds of students, he has a particular passion for assisting students with ADHD, as they often benefit from small class sizes.

Why Choose Us?

Our clients are our top priority. With a small team and personalized approach, we provide customized test prep experiences, giving each student the attention and care they deserve.

All the benefits, none of the distractions. Students often get distracted in crowded classrooms. Instead of being lost in the crowd like in other prep courses, with FocusPrep Solutions your student will have our undivided attention. We average 5 students per session, allowing for students to benefit from questions asked by other students without becoming distracted.

Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of wasting precious study time reviewing material that your child already knows we tailor our sessions to meet your child’s exact needs.

In our sessions, we teach specific, battle-tested techniques that are guaranteed to get your child as many points as possible, even under the time-crunch conditions of the ACT.

Applying for accommodations on the ACT can be difficult. We can provide guidance in this process, and adjust our curriculum to account for any accommodations your child will have on the big day.

Our tutors have years of experience preparing students for the ACT. Your student will receive the same tutor for all of their sessions. Also, unlike at many other virtual tutoring companies, they are W2 Employees, rather than contractors.

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